ul:kin is a brand that inspires the sharpest sustainability with its own aesthetics and sensibility.

Based on art, upcycling, deconstruction & reconstruction, and hybrid, ul:kin delivers messages of each season which are metaphorically expressed via fashion defiantly and innovatively.

This design process creates social value as well as aesthetic value. It is a designer LSD collection that sublimates sustainability awareness into the creation.

Crossing over the boundaries than defining women and men, or separating the old and the new, ul:kin focuses on the philosophy and aesthetics that we pursue and express.

ul:kin LSD Collection, a label named after the designer Lee Seong Dong, is a high-end-casual label that incorporates designer Lee Seong Dong's creative work into fashion and art culture. It focuses on sustainable fashion, such as upcycled vintage clothing, disposal, or wasted fabric, expresses various social issues every season, and presents unique and experimental silhouettes and details inspired by art techniques and expression methods to create a new style by adding wearable sensibility to your daily life.

ul:kin Upcycling Label, is the bag and accessories collection, that are made with upcycled wasted paintings. Each product is the only design in the world. Made with a work of art on canvas, it is strong and has a unique painting texture, which makes it a unique fashion item and gives artistic sensibility to everyday life.

It is eco-friendly as they replace the leather and prevent pollution which can be caused by chemical sources used in paintings, while rebirth the paintings that could have been wasted. 

To prevent cracks or wear-out depends on the characteristics of the work, specially developed surface finish techniques to cover the surface that can enhance durability and preserve the painting well.

ul:kin Unisex & Women's Label, casual apparel and accessories label based on brand philosophy.

Reinterprets the artistic breeze & aesthetics in the words of fashion to communicate in the way of fashion.

Collaborate with artists of various fields from the fine arts like painting and sculpture to pop cultures like pop music, movie, illustration, and animation.



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