Tread & Groove is a tire upcycling shoe brand developed by social innovators.

Under the slogan of 'WE MAKE STEPS', we have the ambition to create a new footstep that was never before in the world by applying 'real road tires' to our shoes.

Recycling waste tires is an issue that is accompanied by efforts around the world to utilize resources.

With an average weight of about 9.93 kg, these tires, when incinerated, emit a whopping 26.8125 kg of carbon, about three times their own weight.

Tread & Groove offers new solutions to tire and environmental problems by applying these difficult-to-handle tires as outsoles for shoes.
A tire is the sole of a shoe and has 2.9 times the grip and 1.5 times the wear resistance compared to the general outsole.

Tread & Groove makes three pairs of shoes from one tire, These shoes reduce carbon emissions by 8.9375 kg CO2e per pair.

This is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by a 40-year-old pine tree in three months.

Tread & Groove offers another solution to various tire recycling efforts by upcycling discarded tires into shoe soles.

We create a responsible footwear culture.


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