"Teeny Tiger" is a word that combines "Teeny" which means "Teenage" and "Tiny" and "Tiger", which is a small and cute tiger, creating a fun and light-hearted fashion product that teenagers and 20s like in the existing accessories-oriented tourism market.

TeenyTiger wanted to transform the traditional image of a strong yet sacred tiger into a small and cute one and pursue a fashion design that penetrates the past, present, and future like a free and fierce tiger's movements. We would like to present fashion items for the young generation who want to capture the fresh synergy between tradition and modernity and show their identity through fashion, including travelers. It aims for a content-oriented fashion brand and expresses Korea's unique traditional heritage with a cultural narrative by putting it into sensuous fashion items. It is a brand that can be empathized with and communicated by many across gender, country, race, and religion by newly evolving Korean tourism souvenirs and expanding them into sustainable brands. Moreover, we will consider the environment and try to be a leading brand of K-CULTURE.

It's not just pretty clothes and designs. We provide experience, share emotional connections, and show lively cultural content, to the young generation.




LOOKBOOK  - Spring Summer 2022 -

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