Embrace your ambiguity, reinforce your character

All collections are produced in 3D patterns to show a perfect fit to the body. 

Made of active fabric, it can be worn as a swimsuit as well as Polewear.

We believe fashion shouldn’t have divisions.

Men should be able to wear feminine elements as women are able to wear masculine elements as they wish while embracing their own ambiguity.

The Subin Hahn Fluidwear focuses on diversity and fluidity through gender-fluid clothing designed for all genders.

Apart from traditional men’s and womenswear, “fluid wear” encourages individuals to explore fashion in their own way, and to create beauty in fluidity.

Founded in 2016 and launched in 2018, the Subin Hahn Fluidwear collection reimagines men’s and women’s fashion in ways that every gender can freely explore fashion outside of the binary gendered systems.

We offer seasonless and ongoing limited edition items carefully hand-crafted by the designer Subin Hahn with local artisans and sample makers in South Korea.

The Subin Hahn collection is currently available from the U.S. and European online retailers including and Wolf and Badger, as well as the brand’s official web store.

DESIGNER. Subin Hahn

Subin Hahn is a “Fluidwear” designer. Taken from traditionally feminine elements, his designs challenge traditional men's and unisex fashion aesthetics, aiming to provide diverse choices and equal opportunities in contemporary fashion, while embracing his or her own ambiguity and fluidity.

Born in Suwon, South Korea, Subin received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design in New York.

Previous experiences include design internships at Zac Posen, Marchesa, Calvin Klein, and Vaquera in New York.

In addition, he worked for the shoe design team at Marc Jacobs as an assistant designer for runway and contemporary footwear collections from 2018 to 2020.


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