PLEATSMAMA suggests conscious consumption for those who share our values and tastes.
PLEATSMAMA is a brand launched in 2017, to suggest a wholesome and sustainable lifestyle for the conscious.

We propose eco-friendly manufacturing procedures, simultaneously with classic fashionable items. 

Sustainable Lifestyle

Can style and ease of use come with sustainability?
PLEATSMAMA utilizes eco-friendly materials and modern knitting techniques to make its fashion items.

We seek fashion that can be fashionable, practical, and sustainable at the same time. 


Sixteen bottles in one bag! (*16 plastic bottles are used to make one shoulder bag)

Plastic from PET bottles takes over a century to decompose naturally. Best not to be used, but keeping it for a long time is also our task.

PLEATSMAMA actively participates in reducing landfills and carbon emissions using our recycled yarn. 

Zero waste

Not even a single leftover!
All PLEATSMAMA bags are made with high-quality knit techniques.

Instead of following the usual bag production process of cutting and sewing fabric pieces, we mold and knit our fabric one by one.

The such technique leaves no discarded fabric after bag production. 

Semi-permanent pleats

The genuine knit ‘pleats’ bag

PLEATSMAMA’s knit bag has been patented for its original pleats and excellent resilience.

Our pleats design is not artificially heated or chemically made, but structured designed in the first place.

Such details help our bag maintain its original shape after multiple washings.

Linking | Our High-quality Sewing

Stitch by stitch, each part of the bag is knitted with delicate attention and care.

This artistry is what perfects each and every bag of ours. 

The Least Amount of Packaging

PLEATSMAMA is taking extra care on product packaging to minimize its environmental impact.

We reduce over-packaging by minimizing the use of polybags, multiple boxes, separate buffers, etc.

A self-adhesive paper package is our highlight to reduce waste!



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