None theless, is the English word that has a meaning of inversive transition, which has a deep connection with our fashion philosophy.

These days the fashion industry, especially the brands has divided into two, one that doesn’t has a difference in the aspect of design, because brands are too conventional or too trend-following, and in opposite, brands put too much artistic stuff or individuality of designer, which makes people feel a bit hard to approach.

So we none theless, as it means, try to pursue a design that is not too hard, however also not too conventional, so that we can get both, aesthetical aspects, and popularity.

Also, thinking of the meaning of words “none” “theless(the less)” as a separate words, means nothing goes below the average.

This shows our mindset that, even if there are customers that don’t have the same taste as what we try to pursue, nothing will be remembered as below the average, as a fashion brand.

      DESIGNER. Min-ho Choi

I have a special experience in my fashion life, which I studied fashion in London for three years.

That time I learned not just the design, but the attitude and mindset that designers should have, the global fashion industry, how the industry goes, what kind of brand is emerging...and so on.

It is a very special experience, and also a career, I think that the Asian-born person can spend their time for quite a long time in London, one of the most outstanding fashion metropolis in the world.

This links to my strength until now, which is even if I am in Seoul, I had researched and put my focus on the global fashion world, the worldwide aspect of fashion, not limiting myself to South Korea’s fashion boundary.

I believe these attitudes will make my brands to be much more effective in communicating, compromising, and cooperating with buyers all around the world.


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