M.RoF ("form" in reverse) boldly seeks to transform traditional shapes of clothing and change current fashion perceptions.
M.Rof takes pride in creating images of modern fashion that align with changing times and unconventional ideas.

‘Indefinite beauty’

M.ROF pursues Indefinite beauty. Indefinite refers to a shift in the idea of trying to change shape and breaking existing notions and frameworks, away from fixed perceptions of clothes, just as light, liquid, and gas make a constantly changed form as they move.

- Trendy, Individualization, Transformable,  Zerowaste, Genderless -

Negotiate with Art and Contemporary values

Having its core target consumers between 20s to 30s, M.Rof appeals to its general targets centered around women in their 20s to 50s, who pursue youthful concepts in their choice of clothing. While actively adapting to the changing of the times and trends with colorful and free thought, M.Rof works to reduce the environmental impact of its products with a conscious and open attitude and continues to take an active part in solving social issues.

01. Thinking about the Environment

The amount of clothing waste is increasing every year due to changes in consumption patterns.

clothing waste has long emerged as an environmental problem.

It is said that the amount of clothing discarded every year in Korea generates 21.9 million tons of carbon dioxide.

M.RoF strives to realize sustainable fashion and eco-friendly fashion with an environmentally friendly approach in the process of design, manufacturing, and production.

It is trying to protect the global environment and participate in a sustainable fashion campaign by making fashion props such as accessories out of waste fabric that is produced and discarded and giving them to consumers looking for M.RoF.

02. Aiming for Fashion Technology

M.RoF is a brand that aims for fashion technology with an innovative and progressive attitude and strives to maximize modern sensibility.

In the process of design, manufacturing, production, and marketing, the company aims to apply IT technology to fashion, such as introducing 3D CLO and virtualized clothing systems.

03. For Women who are full of Confidence

A woman who makes a voice for gender equality with the expertise of being second to none in her field, and has been immersed and accomplished in her work, is also active in everything with full of confidence.

04. For Trendsetter

All of M.RoF’s collections are for style-conscious consumers interested in the latest trends with sophisticated tastes.

The M.RoF has dedicated its expertise to meeting the needs of fashion leaders who can express and style their thoughts in fashion and sensible consumers who can adjust their senses according to time and place.


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