Million Dollar Baby Club is a digital meta-fashion brand newly born through a digital change in the analog era.

It refers to a group of Young & Rich Millionaires who achieved financial success on their own at a young age. Among the MZ generation, young and rich consumers pursue a youthful and fresh sense. We aim for fashion lifestyle brands that want to be creative and express their own special individuality.

With the advent of fintech and the cryptocurrency era, people have mainly used cards and pay apps instead of cash. So, the use of coin currency has decreased, and the consumption of coin materials by mint Corporations has decreased.

We started researching a coin with antibacterial properties, and among various materials, it was used as a euro coin and a US cent coin. Among various materials, Nordic Gold, a special alloy copper used for euro coins and US cent coins, can destroy various viruses such as E. coli virus in the fastest time. It has been found through research that it is an excellent antibacterial material.

This material is safe to touch with babies' mouths, safe to touch human skin and has its own unique color. it was yellow gold color and had antibacterial properties of the material.

We decided to use this material to protect our precious children and our dog and cat from the coronavirus. Through the production of jewelry, this brand was born.

As the history of money has changed from the analog era to the era of digital cryptocurrency. Coins used as the money remain as symbols that reflect the times, expressing the deformation used in different forms. In the circumstances of the times, it is simply an accessory that must have The brand was created with the desire to add functional value as well as aesthetic value.


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