The brand name ‘iba nenets’ signifies a warm-hearted person.

Iba Nenets represents women who are vibrant, relaxed, and tolerant, and also proposes a collection of sporty lifestyle wear.

The collection is composed of 50% leisure sports looks and 50% casual looks.

The items in the leisure sports section are made using functional fabrics that assist in enhancing physical performance.

The casual section consists of items that stylishly incorporate sportswear into everyday life.

The items from both sections are mixed and matched together, creating a harmonious and unique look of ‘iba nenets’.

      DESIGNER. Ha-lin LIM & Young-jun Cho

Iba Nenets is a brand developed by a designer duo.

Director Lim establishes the overall structure, while Director Cho focuses on refining the details to enhance completeness.

Iba Nenets was established in 2020 through the visionary proposal of Director Cho.
Through a process of trial and error, we have leveraged our respective strengths to construct the distinctive identity of Iba Nenets.

With a mission to represent health-conscious and tolerant women, our future endeavors will revolve around specializing and expanding our leisure sports line, as well as showcasing.


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