ENTRE REVES with passion

It is a brand that represents people who are running towards their own dreams.

ENTRE REVES backpack symbolizes essentials that can hold essential items to make your dreams come true.

As the dreams of many people pursuing their dreams are different, each style is produced as a limited edition.

We offer special items for those who want to express their unique personality.

Instead of the stereotypical fabrics and subsidiary materials that can be found everywhere,

With a shift in thinking, we are focusing on sourcing and developing unique materials and various subsidiary materials.

All ENTRE REVES products are carefully finished by hand, one by one, with a heart to support each dream.

Instead of mass-producing a set style and selling it for one season like existing brands,

In order to aim for limited quantity production and distribution of each style

ENTRE REVES intends to continuously update new styles and present them to various distribution channels.

ENTRE REVES supports people who are moving forward step by step towards their dreams.

It is our goal for ENTRE REVES's products to share our daily lives for those dreams.




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