"Eight Times" was launched in March 2015, which is expressed in natural colors that are not dyed with eco-friendly materials; cashmere, silk, linen, cotton.

Natural Material

"Eight Times" uses a natural yarn that is not dyed by mixing Inner Mongolian cashmere of 15 to 16 microns, wool, silk, and cashmere of 100 yarns, yarn made of 55% silk and 45% cotton, and uses ice cotton from Spoerisa, Switzerland.

Natural Color

Naturally colored cashmere and silk are mixed to create undyed natural colors such as ivory, oatmeal, and brown.

The natural yarn made in this way is processed in the world's best manufacturing plant and finished into knitted products.

Good quality and reasonable price

"Eight Times" products directly manage the entire process from the raw material of yarn to product completion and are produced through our own production plants and lines of world-class cashmere companies, providing the best quality and reasonable prices with minimal distribution margins.


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