Our Simbol is named “Hug B”

When you were wearing a wrap dress, we looked like you were covering yourself. It means hugging yourself. So, we made a symbol “Hug B”.

Everyone who wears BYSEOWOO's clothes, you met yourself more beautiful, we hope you will love yourself more.

BYSEOWOO for the elegant contemporaries.

It’s a designer brand that makes beautiful clothes silhouettes of women and for comfortable also.

‘Make Your Silhouette’

Who dressed in BYSEOWOO become the object of everyone’s admiration because of their beautiful silhouette.

- BYSEOWOO's 6 strengths -

1. Manufacture and export customized products by country

2. All products are manufactured only in Korea.

3. You can change the fabric of the same design.

4. Main products are made in a free size because it contains spandex.

5. All products can be washed with water.

6. We can change only the fabric to winter one in the same style.



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